Skira K.

Skira K.

I came to PHS two years ago in agony, my body covered in psoriasis, hypoglycemia sending my blood sugar plunging and soaring, my appendix recently ruptured and removed, and my chaotic emotions mirroring my disjointed physical state.

Through careful analysis, Carla first uncovered my hypoglycemia and set about teaching me to restructure my diet around small meals emphasizing proteins and fats with vegetables and reducing carbohydrate intake.  She also revamped my nutritional supplement regime to ensure I was ingesting sufficient key nutrients.

My psoriasis miraculously, and to the shock of my traditional dermatologists, began to melt away.  I was not recovered yet, however – I was gaining weight, and I seemed to hit a plateau in terms of my emotional and physical health that was still far from the wellness I was hoping for.

Carla and Dr. Spahr of PHS ran additional blood work, and also tested my neurotransmitter levels, which were found to be woefully deficient. They got me back on the bandwagon with the high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet I had moved somewhat away from in discouragement.

And once again – dramatic improvement. Suddenly, seemingly all at once, I discovered I was creative.  I was beautiful.  I had lost a little weight, and my body had reshaped so that many of my old clothes fit again.

The PHS practitioners are not happy with treating symptoms – they will not rest until the whole person has been treated and made well. They have taken me from the darkest place in my life to the brightest, and I do not have words enough to express my gratitude to my healers.