Jennifer Ettinger

Jennifer Ettinger’s dedication to helping women stems from her own triumph over Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Being bedridden and overweight, she understands the mindset of women who are challenged with weight and health issues. She knows depression and desperation, and she knows how to reclaim a life with a harmony of body, beauty, mind and spirit. Along with passion and contagious energy, Jennifer and colleagues offer stellar credentials to back up their Image, Fitness, Beauty and Empowerment services.

With three degrees from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York (an associate’s in Fashion Styling, a bachelor’s of Arts Restoration: Museum Studies and a master’s in Museum Studies), Jennifer is an entrepreneurial leader with over 20 years of creative experience in fashion, design and cosmetics in NYC, West Michigan, and Toronto.  Jennifer is an ACE certified personal trainer, IDEA and CanFitPro member, a certified health coach and she is certified in Pi-Yo™, TurboKick™ and Hip Hop Hustle™.