ReVitalize Weight Loss Program

The diet industry has passed the trillion dollar mark, but long term success stories are few, mandating taking a different approach. As a result people world-wide are on a continual diet quest. The team at Precision Health Solutions support novel approaches for your consideration.

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    Product Description

    The diet industry has passed the trillion dollar mark, but long term success stories are few, mandating taking a different approach. As a result people world-wide are on a continual diet quest. The team at Precision Health Solutions support novel approaches for your consideration.

    Obesity: An Epic Reach

    Becoming overweight or obese is increasingly common, especially where food supplies are plentiful and lifestyles are slow. As much as 64% of the US adults are considered overweight or obese.  This percentage has consistently increased over the last forty years. Moreover, carrying excess weight has reached epic proportions globally, with more than 1 billion adults afflicted. Weight gain is observed across all age groups.

    By definition being overweight often goes hand in hand with having more body fat than ideal. Weight and higher than optimal body fat composition contributes to the progression of other diseases and conditions, such as problems with regulating blood sugar, diabetes, heart and liver diseases.

    Body fat cells are no longer considered “dormant.”  A high level of body fat is considered responsible for producing chemicals that impair body function and the ability to repair. An increasing number of indicators go hand in hand with body composition disorders, improper fat distribution and metabolic syndrome (a condition marked by an inability to burn fat for fuel) including at least 3 of the following characteristics: fat accumulation around your waist, high blood pressure, blood sugar, and altered blood fat levels (for example, triglycerides, and HDL-cholesterol levels).

    Lasting Weight Loss and Body Rejuvenation

    Being overweight is generally thought to be caused by eating more calories than are burned off through exercise and everyday living. However, the solution may not be as simple as restricting and cutting back on portions.  In general, a first step to succeeding with weight loss and changing body composition starts with selecting healthy food. Nutrition plans that incorporate fruit and vegetables- chock full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants- good quality protein and less, yet healthy, fats have tremendous merit. Returning to eating wholesome food and minimizing processed foods, and using single item ingredients is a great start.  Packaged, boxed or canned products often also contain chemicals, and perhaps synthetic hormones, that can get in the way of internal balance or impair metabolism. The ability to burn off unwanted weight by lessening body fat remains nearly impossible.

    Which Eating Style is Good for Me?

    In the quest for slimmer waistlines, questions persist.

    •      Is a paleo diet good for me?
    •      How much carb can I handle?
    •      What is the impact of diet on my blood sugar, insulin and other hormones?
    •      Are gluten and dairy free diets really necessary?
    •      What is the ‘skinny’ on soy?
    •      What about other food allergies?

    The truth is there is not a one size fits all for diet. Our specialty trained Lifestyle Educators interacting with Licensed Nutritionists & Registered Dietitians will help you customize plans. Our recommendations and programs begin with leveling the playing field by supporting digestive wellness and then stabilizing blood sugar and other hormones . We train you on the ins and outs of daily living. We encourage practical approaches for you and your family. Our non-dieting stance will have foods that are good for you, taste good and will help you meet your targeted weight loss and body composition goals.

    Medically Approved Weight Loss & Body Composition

    Initially, nutrition and lifestyle changes help to reset digestion, metabolism and immune systems and reduce inflammation. Then, changes set the stage for lasting results.. Simple nutrition and lifestyle changes are likely to improve energy levels. Often sleep improves, joint pain lessens and regularity improves.

    You will appreciate how your body responds with our layered medical nutritional approaches. We empower our clients to work with their healthcare providers to obtain and understand more about their blood chemistry levels perhaps through specialty lab tests. As you take the guess work out of the equation, your plan gets further customized. We fully cooperate with your health team as you champion your personalized plan.

     Our ReJuvenate Weight Loss Program is designed to stimulate your metabolism powering up your body’s ability to burn unhealthy fat while giving your body important nutrition for overall health—helping you to look and feel better.

    This 12 week clinically savvy program includes:

    • Targeted support for losing weight while improving body composition by incorporating carbohydrate controlled, wholesome foods.
    • Strategies that employ using high protein-rich shakes low sugar protein bars and soups (made with real ingredients).
    • Advanced nutritional support with daily nutraceutical packets that includes:  
      • a balanced multi vitamin/mineral formula, fish oil, probiotic and fiber.
    • Online support, including weekly virtual courses, FAQs, email reminders and helpful lifestyle tips, private facebook page and online blogging with the Precision Health Solutions  community.
    • Your Weight Loss Tool Kit includes:
      • Program Guide, nutraceutical and meal replacements; weekly online gatherings, email support.
      • Delicious recipes and menu plans.
      • Program guide with easy-to-follow instructions, menu plans, and recipes
      • Simple exercise and fitness plans
    • Add Ons:
      • Virtual or in person: 1-1 practitioner support and counseling sessions
      • Nutritional Genomic Testing
      • Meals delivered to your home or hotel (home away from home)


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