Labs: Genetic (SNP) Test (cheek swab)

DNA Analysis for risk of health factors


Product Description

Would you like to know your genetic blueprint, your propensities toward obesity & health factors such as lipids, detoxification, glucose & insulin concerns, as well as energy balance; all of which may be effecting your sleep, mood and over all quality of life? How would you like to have the information, not found in standard testing, to explain to your obstacles to longevity, or help explain your body’s unique response to its genetic environment and lifestyle?

Gene SNPTM DNA Analysis revolutionizes health management and offers your family the optimal customized approach to care.

Gene SNP looks at 48 different SNPs to reveal innumerable genetic combinations within your body. With a simple cheek swab, which you can do at home, you will receive a personalized Weight and Wellness Profile. Now is your opportunity to optimize diet, lifestyle and supplementation to best complement your genetic blueprint.

By understanding where alterations have a negative impact on our health, and why having the right combination of nutrients can overcome the way genes behave or express themselves, can offer you ability to arrest the progression of disease.

Personalized results provide you with a powerful tool to really understand what steps you can take today, to achieve optimal weight and wellness tomorrow.

It’s your genetic blueprint …what are you going to do with it?



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