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Nutritional & Metabolic Medicine

Nutritional & Metabolic Medicine regards the whole body and range of inner chemical processes.  Imbalances underlie disease or other symptoms or conditions. Imbalances very often arise from our environment, such as wholesome food, reducing chemicals and adding high priority nutrients. Exercise, and trauma are processed by the body through your unique metabolism and should be taken into consideration.

The goal of successful nutritional and metabolic medicine programs is to produce optimum levels of physical, physiologic and emotional functions that create well being and enhancement of life.

State of the Nation

US Medical care is based on the treatment of diseases and associated symptoms. There is a pill for high blood pressure. Often one pill is not enough. Heart disease and clogged arteries are relieved by bypass surgery to work around the build up. Cancer often calls for radiation and chemotherapy. Once the bypass is complete or the cancer is removed what’s the plan for restoring the underlying imbalances that allowed the plaque or the cancer to develop in the first place? What’s your plan for preventing recurrence, improving the bar and achieving lasting wellness?

Consider Your Age Today

The best years of your life are in front of you. How do you want to live these years?  At PHS achieving wellness starts with a whole body view. Initial steps launch your path by repleting imbalances and removing barriers. Next steps are included to assess what occurs at a molecular level using tools and testing to understand cellular processes. We identify barriers and imbalances that impair the connections between tissues and organs.

The wear and tear model of aging gives people the impression that they are falling apart.  On the other hand, we can leverage one of the most astonishing aspects of the human body–  the body’s ability to repair, rebuild and restore. This activity goes on 24 hours a day 365 days a year and is most intense during sleep. Each day your body seeks the raw materials it requires to repair and recreate balance.  Given the right resources, your body replaces approximately 300 billion cells every day.

Our ReNew Wellness program focuses on basic nutrition and fitness elements that will better support this metabolic restoration.