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Fatigue describes a range of conditions, usually associated with physical and/or mental weakness. Fatigue varies from a general state of lethargy to high intensity work induced muscle burning. Physical fatigue is the inability to continue functioning at the level of one’s normal abilities. Fatigue is most noticed during prolonged physical and mental stress and heavy exercise. Fatigue significantly impacts your ability to heal.

When do you feel the most tired?

► In the morning

► Even after sleeping a full 8 hours

► Less after taking a nap

► Mid morning

► Increasing throughout the day

► Noon or mid afternoon

► When moving around

► Not until after a full day

Results: If you answered anything other than the last symptom listed, it could be a sign that your energy systems are depleted causing you to feel tired when you should feel energized.

To combat fatigue, you can begin to energize by simply changing your breakfast and meeting the nutrient requirements that support energy systems and cellular function. Start with taking a well designed multivitamin and mineral blend. Optimized b and iron may be a true contribution,  Reducing sugar and processed carbohydrate foods alongside of balancing meals with protein and good fats also makes a significant difference.  Sign up for our ReNew Wellness Course or schedule a consult with one of our practitioners to learn more.